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       Sligo Champion
    23 December 1916

   Maugherow Potatoes.

           A DREAM.

On Sunday evening as I sat,
In the shade of an ancient tree;
I pulled my head out of my hat,
And fell into a reverie.

I dreamt that I—a farmer’s son
Was driving on the road,
My father’s horse, that drew a ton—
Potatoes was the load.

I drove him on towards Raughley,
And ’tis there I saw with glee,
The loading of a steamer
With potatoes at the quay.

’Twas then I waited patiently,
Till my time it was due
To drop my score of hundred bags
Into the steamer too.

Then I ties my steed, gave him his feed
And sat for an hour or more,
Conversing with some friends of mine,
About the erection of a store.

This was the way I spent the day,
Until the work was done;
And I bid adieu to that good old crew,
At the setting of the sun.

But to my surprise, when I oped my eyes
I was far from the mighty sea;
For still I sat beside my hat,
At the foot of that ancient tree.


This poem is a good example of a response in verse to a local news event. It appeared under a news item about a discussion at Sligo County Council on an application by the North of Ireland Produce Co. to erect a store at Raughley, north Sligo, for the storing and exporting of grain, potatoes, and other commodities.

There was strong opposition to the application from some members who considered that it would damage the trade of the port of Sligo and many spoke against it. A deputation from the Sligo Food Protection Committee attended, headed by Rev. P. A. Butler Adm., Sligo who spoke against the application.

The application was carried in a vote of members after much discussion.

Raughley, in the parish of Drumcliff, had a pier which had been built in the nineteenth century.

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