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Poems included in the Sligo Independent 1914

In 1914 the Sligo Independent once again was the Sligo local newspaper which published fewest poems. These deal with the Home Rule campaign and the war but it is significant that the latter are not of the jingoistic, pro-recruiting type.

During March and April the regular contributor, A.D., had three poems published. These were typical compositions, highly critical of the British Government and supportive of the Unionist position. He attacks in particular Augustine Birrell, Chief Secretary for Ireland and Chancellor of the Exchequer, David Lloyd George. April saw the intensification of Unionist opposition to the Home Rule bill but at the end of May the bill successfully passed through the House of Commons for a third time.

Three poems in October and December make reference to the war. Two are reprinted from British publications, the other by a Sligo-born poet.  "On the Continong - The Song of a British Tommy" is a humorous comment on the number of British "tourists" in France at the time but it does reflect the widespread feeling that the war might well be over by Christmas. The Christmas poem from the Temperance Herald suggests that good will come from the conflict, as good metal comes from a furnace and wishes a happy Christmas to those who love peace.

Michael Hargadon's poem paints a sentimental, happy picture of Christmas with emphasis on the religious, communal and family aspect. It does contain a passing reference to the war. Those who "guard our shore" and those who "
who smite the Kaiser’s host" are included in rememberances at Christmas time. It does seem a little strange that instead of the war overshadowing the celebrations it gets no more than a passing mention. This may reflect the fact that the war had lasted only four months and was still expected to end quickly.


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