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Sligo Champion. 26 October 1912.

In Memoriam.

Most Rev. John Clancy, D.D., Bishop of Elphin, died 19th October 1912.— R.I.P.

Ah! me to think that he is gone
   Grave sorrow fills my heart
He fought life’s battles to the end
   And nobly did his part.
Now God has called him to his rest,
   From out this land of pain,
His manly form and kindly smile
   We’ll ne’er see again.

The poor have lost a loving friend,
   The Church, a man of fame,
And years I know can ne’er efface
   Good Bishop Clancy’s name.
A scholar of attainments high,
   A preacher of renown,
He toiled for Christ while on this earth
   To gain the heavenly crown.

We mourn his loss with heavy hearts,
   And many weep and sigh,
Yet why regret for well we know
   He reigns with God on high.
He led us well through storm and calm,
   His course was straight and true,
With heads bent low and tear-stained eyes
   We bid a long adieu.


Sligo, October, 1912.

This In Memoriam poem for Bishop Clancy was written within a week of the death and is a formulaic lament for the dead prelate with nothing in the way of originality or personal details. The rhymes are simple and the ideas common-place. It does have the virtue of brevity though.

John Joseph Clancy (1856-1912) was a native of Sooey, County Sligo. He was educated at the Marist College, Sligo and Summerhill College, Athlone, and entered Maynooth in 1876. In 1883 he was appointed professor in the Diocesan College, Sligo, and in 1887 professor of English Literature and French in Maynooth College, which office he held until he was made Bishop of Elphin in 1895. He died in office on 19 October 1912, aged 55.

Another poem, Remembrances, by the same author in the Sligo Champion 1912.

Below Left: The headlines in the Sligo Champion reporting the death of Bishop Clancy. The black borders in the newspaper was a common practice for high ranking clerics, prominent politicians and members of the owners or editor's family.

Below: The conservative Sligo Times published a supplement with a large picture of the late Bishop in its edition of 26 October. The Sligo Independent also reported the death and expressed their sorrow at the death of such a well-regarded leader.

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