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Sligo Champion 24 August 1912


Since first we met you’ve been so very kind,
     I really can’t forget
The many acts of kindness shown to me
     And yet I’ve one regret,
I oftimes think I ne’er can repay you,
     The thought—it makes me sad,
If I could do some little act for you,
     Ah! then I should feel glad.

As years roll on I wonder will you change,
     Or still remain the same?
I only hope that time can ne’er efface
     My poor and worthless name.
Just now and then give me a passing thought,
     And think of days gone by,
Those happy times to think that they are past,
     It makes me heave a sigh.

This short poem has an attractive simplicity in spite of its easy rhymes, commonplace sentiments and very lame ending.

The pen name seems to be an entirely made up and makes no sense to me. An anagram possibly?

This same author composed the In Memoriam for Bishop Clancy which was published later in 1912.

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