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Sligo Independent 13 January 1912

Cheap Sale and Remnants Days at H. Lyons & Co. Ltd.

The cheap "sale" is on at H. Lyons & Co.,
And remnants are selling quick as they can go.
For of remnants and oddments they’ve got quite a store—
If you haven’t enough, just ask for some more.
They have everything else in the drapery line:
Just give them a call and they’ll soon make you shine.
I know they can do so, I saw as I passed
Through the crowds at the counters on Saturday last ;
There I paused, till I cried “Ship Ahoy!” to the mate
Of the “Argosy” laden with bargains so great.
Then the mate’s voice rang out through prosperities gale,
Oh! yes, we are having an excellent “sale” (sail).

This advertising rhyme for Lyons' sale was also included in the Sligo Times for the same date. There it is attributed to Rustic, here unattributted.

There are some differences in punctuation, presumably occuring in copying but the "prosperities gale" in the Independent has been corrected to "prosperity's gale" in the Times. The laboured explanation of the sale/sail pun is also included in the Times.

Also see the Sligo Times page on the same poem for the large Lyons advertisement which was included in all Sligo newspapers of the time.

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